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Product Overview Water saving devices from Jinmyung Home Bath are best in country and represents our efforts to spearhead the development of kitchens of the future.

Water saving devices for sinks: No.1 in Korea

  • Economical. Nature friendly.
    The solenoid valve and controller of this product have proven their durability and water saving effects for 15 years since their development, and can save 20 ~ 30% of water consumption, making them economical and nature friendly.
  • Hygienic. Convenient
    You do not need to manipulate the faucet lever with a hand contaminated with detergent or other substances when washing dishes, and you can use it conveniently by operating the foot switch with your feet even when holding something heavy on your hands.
  • Stylish and efficient
    The simple and modern design further enhances the modern kitchen interior. In addition, it is a design optimized for the human body, so that the user's legs and joints are not affected.
  • Durable
    This product has been certified by a nationally accredited agency through more than 500,000 iterations of durability test.

Characteristics of Jinmyung Home Bath's water saving devices

Mechanical Type Water saving devices

Simple push-button operation with the water discharge controlled by pressing and releasing the footstool

  • Slim design footprint and soft touch; no one else comes close
  • Environmentally-friendly products that save energy by not using separate electricity
  • Works only with a slight pressing force with a activation threshold of only 5 mm.
  • Automatic and manual activation can be selected, first in mechanical type switches of its kind
  • Ergonomic design
Touch Type Water saving devices

Electronic control system that controls valve ON / OFF by touch from a foot

  • Foot switch Electronic control functionality: Set water discharge time (2/4/6/10 minutes)
  • Automatic Manual Mode Selection: By manual control valves
  • Can be installed in a floor-mounted type, with a baseboard attached
Sensor Type Water saving devices

The ultrasonic sensor recognizes the foot and controls the solenoid valve by the electric signal and turns the mixed water on/off

  • Electronic control function: Set water discharge time (2/3/4 minutes)
  • Automatic manual mode selection: Manual/automatic control valve buttons can be used to change the product usage
  • Restart function: Reset button in the center of the foot plate enables easy reset
  • Slim design: Product is attached to the top of the sink base. It does not appear outside, ensuring neat and tidy appearance.