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Product Overview Our faucets elevate your interior, brining a sense of class.

Smart Eco System: The Faucet for Kitchen Sink Combined with the Water-Saving System

The faucet for kitchen sink combined with the water-saving system, which was newly developed with the quality control know-how and technological excellence accumulated by Jinmyung Home Bath for years, is an eco-friendly and economical solution as it combines the water-saving system with the faucet, providing the excellent water-saving performance.
In addition, the product was designed with reduced joints of components, removing causes of issues of the product itself as well as those of installation and significantly reducing causes of defects.
The complicated structure of existing products, which were installed inside a kitchen sink, was simplified to maximize use of spaces and convenience of installation and to reduce installation costs.

  • Convenience By inserting the water saving system inside the faucets, the installation is convenient and the installation cost is reduced by 50%.
  • Space Saving By integrating the function of water saving devices into the faucets, additional space is secured inside the sink floor to ensure a comfortable space and maximize utility of space.
  • Environmentally
    Our faucets can save 20 ~ 30% in water consumption, providing financial and environmental benefits.
  • Convenience Integrated sink faucets that utilize faucet and foot switch (Touch Type, Sensor Type); Touch type integrated sink faucets
  • Design Our simple and modern design further enhances the modern kitchen interior.

Compatibility with the Existing Water-Saving System

The faucet for kitchen sink combined with the water-saving system provides excellent compatibility with any environment for installation and meets consumers' needs, as it is free from considering compatibility with the existing water-saving system.
The space in the kitchen sink can be saved and the excellent A/S service is guaranteed as it is also compatible with the water-saving system of Jinmyung Home Bath.

Characteristics of Jinmyung Home Bath faucets

Our faucets do not cause water splashes.

At present, most domestic companies produce products using Neoperl Aerator, but Jinmyung Home Bath uses the highest grade CASCAD in all products.
CASCAD is one of the best products of Neoperl's aerator products, only used by select companies for select line of products.

Uses CASCAD Aerator by Neoperl
  • Prevents water from coming out of the outlet
  • Enhances texture during use
  • Very low noise
  • Aerators that do not require disassembly
  • Integrated sediment and particle blocking dome screen filter
  • Damage prevention: unbreakable structure unlike existing wire mesh screens
We use high quality German-made cartridges.

The cartridge, which is the heart of the single lever faucet, serves to discharge water. To achieve the highest level of quality, we use the products from the German firm Fluehs.
Fluehs products are distinguished from domestic cartridges in terms of operational durability of cartridges, leaks, etc. It is a cartridge that boasts superior performance.

We use single-lever cartridge by Fluehs
  • Precise production and high quality assurance
  • Fully automatic test device leak test
  • High levels of safety and temperature resistance
  • Fewer frictions with smaller sealing surfaces on ceramic discs
  • Convenient operation with a combination of brown and white special ceramic materials with self-lubricating effect