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Environmental Awareness We introduce the Environmental Awareness principles of Jinmyung Home Bath and products developed to protect our environment.

Water shortage is a common problem to be overcome all over the world: In 2050, two thirds of the world's population faces a water shortage - UNESCO In 2006, demand for water in the national water sector exceeded supply: water supply crisis

“Republic of Korea,” a water-scarce country designated by the UN since 2000

Korea became a water-stressed country at 1990
Water resource cannot easily be imported unlike other resources

Water-saving installation mandatory in all buildings (Public institutions, employment facilities, housing constructions, etc.)

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Eco FriendlyAt Jinmyung Home Bath, we always think about the Nature and people

With worsening climate change and exponentially increasing water demand, the importance of water will become increasingly important not only in our country but also globally.
Therefore, Jinmyung Home Bath operates manufacturing facilities and production line under strict standards to produce environmentally-friendly products, and developed water saving devices and integrated faucets that can save water use by 20 ~ 30% in facilities or spaces where water is directly used.

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The Eco-Mark

The Eco-Mark is applied to the government-certified products that are relatively less polluting or less resource-consuming during the production and consumption process among products with the same usage. Products of Jinmyung Home Bath have met the criteria.

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