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CEO's Greetings and Company History After 40 years of business, always innovating, always challenging. We are Jinmyung Home Bath.

The Bathroom of Dreams

will lead a new culture in your life by offering innovative design.

Thank you for visiting the homepage of Jinmyung Home Bath Co., Ltd., the best bathroom brand in Korea.
From plating to bathroom accessories, water saving devices and faucets, Jinmyung Home Bath has been doing its utmost to provide its customers with original, sensational design and top quality for 40 years, since its founding in 1974.

With our founding principle to enhance the quality of life of our customers, and with our motto of "THE BATHROOM OF DREAMS," we are investing in production facilities and plating production lines throughout the manufacturing process in order to produce quality products. In addition, through strict and demanding processes, we have developed faucets with integrated water-saving devices that bring about excellent water-savings and convenience, ensuring both workability and efficiency.

In the future, we will continue to lead the residential culture, staying always ahead of the trend, by developing products that incorporate information technologies. With our unique system, we promise to fulfill our responsibilities to the end with our corporate mission that gives priority to customer satisfaction.

To that end, and with respect and consideration of our customers, Jinmyung Home Bath will always strive to improve from the present and further grow as a leader in the bathroom industry, a one-stop brand of all bathroom products and solutions.

Thank you.

CEO  Son Jung Woo

  • 2010

    2017. 06Environment Ministry labeling certification
    2017. 03Faucets
    2016. 08Selected for IDEA
    2014. 10Selected for GOOD DESIGN
    2014. 09Established Plant #2 in Namyangjoo
    2013. 10Selected for GOOD DESIGN
    2011. 10Selected for GOOD DESIGN
    2011. 06Registered utility patent for water valve automatic opening/closing device for sink (Utility Patent No. 20-454436)
    2010. 11Established Jinmyung Home Bath Laboratories
  • 2000

    2007. 11Registered patent for Mechanical Type water valve automatic opening/closing device (Patent No. 54077)
    2005. 03Registered patent for sensor-type water saving device for sink (Patent No. 0477077)
    2003. 12Acquired "Gun" mark quality certification (Korea Construction Material Inspection Company)
    2002. 05Acquired ISO 9001:2000 cerfitication
    2002. 01Terms of incorporation and company name changed(Jinmyung Metals → Jinmyung Home Bath Co., Ltd.)
  • 1990

    1998. 10Acquired Korean Industrial Standards(KS)display certification(Bathroom accessories KSF 4528 / KSF 4529)
    1997. 03Completed production of all processes for bathroom accessories(Processing / polishing / painting / plating equipment)
  • 1980

    1982. 03Moved into the Gyeongin Plating Cooperative Complex(Installation of nickel / chrome plating automation equipment)
  • 1970

    1974. 06Jinmyung Metals established(Jeonnong-dong, Seoul)